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Nothing is as devastating as the death of a loved one due to a negligent act. While no amount of money can ever compensate for your family’s loss, it is only right that you seek justice and pursue the full amount of damages you are owed. At Rehn Law LLC, we’ve successfully helped a number of grieving families whose loved ones met untimely deaths as a result of negligent drivers, employers, manufacturers, caregivers, and others. We understand that this is a difficult time, and we want to help ease even just a little of your burden by taking over the legal process. Rest assured that we will work zealously on your behalf and update you as frequently as possible.

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Understanding Wrongful Death Claims in Illinois

In Illinois, the person named as representative of the deceased person’s estate should be the one to file the wrongful death claim. This may include the deceased person’s spouse, parent, or adult child. However, in the event that the deceased person was not able to name a personal representative, the court may appoint one.

Some of the common types of damages in an Illinois wrongful death case include:

  • Loss of expected earnings of the deceased personWrongful Death legal case
  • Loss of an inheritance due to the untimely death of the person
  • Mental anguish or pain and suffering of the surviving family
  • Loss of care or companionship of the surviving family
  • Funeral and burial expenses (paid to the estate)

It is also important to note that filing a wrongful death claim in Illinois is subjected to a time limit, which is within a year of the date of the family member’s passing. If the case has not been filed within the set time limit, the court has the right to refuse to hear it.

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At Rehn Law LLC, we have over two decades of experience handling wrongful death cases in Illinois and aware of the limitations and risks of this type of claim. Whether you are considering filing a wrongful death claim in response to a deadly car accident, a work accident, or something else, we're here to help. As a client of the firm, trust that we will give your case the personal attention it deserves so we may avoid any technicalities or mistakes and ensure a fair settlement.

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