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Dogs may look cute and charming, but we cannot discount the fact that there are some dogs that can become aggressive. If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog, it is important that you seek a Galesburg personal injury lawyer. At Rehn Law LLC, our Galesburg personal injury lawyers have over two decades of experience handling a broad range of injury claims including dog bite or animal attack cases. As a client of the firm, you benefit from our investigative resources to determine the liable party and the exact sequence of events to ensure a strong dog bite case.

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Illinois Dog Bite Law

Illinois imposes a strict liability when it comes to dog bite cases. This means that the dog owner is the sole responsible party for your injuries and he/she cannot argue of being oblivious to the aggressiveness or injury-causing tendencies of the dog or animal.

In proving a dog bite claim, it is crucial to show the following:

  • The dog attacked or attempted to attack the victim
  • The victim has the right to be at the place where he/she was attacked or injured
  • The victim did not provoke the dog or animal

The last two provisions are the most important elements to remember in a dog bite claim as these two are the most commonly challenged by liable parties or insurance companies. The defense would strive to show that the victim teased or hurt the animal or that the victim has been trespassing at the time of the incident.

What is the Illinois Dog Bite Statute?

In Illinois, an injured victim of a dog bite has to file an injury case within two years from being bitten before the statute of limitations runs out. If the claim is not filed within that time frame, then the injured victims forfeits the right to pursue legal action and compensation.

Do You Have to Report a Dog Bite in Illinois?

When it comes to filing a dog bite personal injury claim, it's very important that you report the bite to the proper authorities at the time of the accident. These records will be very important evidence if it comes to proving your case in court or filing an insurance claim.

As a victim, it may be difficult to report the incident, especially if you are friends with the dog's owners. However, Illinois Compiled Statutes Ch. 510, Act 5/13 states that individuals who have knowledge of a dog bite or attack are required to inform the health administrator immediately.

This is important not only for your own case, but also to help ensure that the dog does not attack anyone else.

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