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With all the heavy machinery and power tools involved, construction jobs are dangerous. However, a person working in a construction site still has the right to expect that they will be reasonably safe in spite of the risks. If you or a family member has been injured while on-the-job in construction, our Galesburg personal injury attorney can help. At Rehn Law LLC, we are committed to standing up for the dedicated workforce of Illinois. We’ve successfully represented countless hardworking individuals who have been injured as a result of construction accidents. While construction accident claims are considered as one of the most complex areas of personal injury, we have over 20 years of extensive legal experience backing us up. As your representation, you can trust that we will work zealously to reach the favorable settlement that you deserve.

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Building Your Construction Accident Case

The complexity of a construction accident case lies in the fact that it may involve several liable parties. In Illinois, as in many states, construction accident claims are covered by workers’ compensation claims. However, it is also possible to file other claims on top of the benefits you are already entitled to.

Below are the types of claims victims of construction accidents can file apart from your workers’ compensation:Picture of construction boots, hard hat, noise cancelling headphones, goggles, working gloves

  • Third party personal injury claim- If your injuries were due to the negligence of a third party such as engineers, suppliers, or other subcontractors that were not necessarily employed by your employer
  • Product liability claim- If your injuries were the result of a defective machinery, power tools, and other equipment that you use in the construction site

Rehn Law LLC can navigate you through the challenges of construction accident claims. We are here to educate you about your rights and advocate for your best interests.

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Our firm commends all hardworking men and women in construction jobs. We stand ready to fight for you in the event of a construction accident. Allow us to use our extensive experience on your behalf.

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