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Delivery vehicles like mail trucks and FedEx trucks can get into accidents involving bodily injury like any other passenger vehicle. However, because delivery trucks and vans are known as commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), personal injury claims involving the vehicles are treated differently than collisions involving private passenger cars. As the injured, you may be wondering if the delivery driver or the company they work for is responsible for compensating you for your damages. Our Galesburg delivery vehicle accident attorney understands the gray areas and can use his 20+ years of experience to learn more about your case and determine liability. When you call Rehn Law LLC, you’re calling a law firm that dedicated decades to helping injured individuals and families heal and move on to lead improved lives.

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Types of Delivery Vehicles that Can Cause Accidents

delivery van driving through city streetsCommon delivery vehicles that may cause accidents include:

  • FedEx trucks
  • UPS trucks
  • Amazon trucks
  • Pizza delivery vans
  • Mail trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Repair trucks
  • Armored trucks
  • Furniture delivery trucks

Delivery trucks and vans can cause collisions in a variety of ways, but most accidents are caused by human error. Accidents can be caused by driver negligence, such as speeding, distracted driving, and tailgating, drowsy driving, drunk driving, and can also be caused by poorly maintained vehicles or defective vehicle parts. Delivery companies may also be held negligent for poor hiring and training policies.

Common Causes of Delivery Vehicle Accidents

Though delivery trucks and vans can get into the same kinds of accidents as passenger cars, there are a few situations and factors that are unique to delivery vehicles.

Common driver errors that can lead to delivery vehicle accidents include:

  • Inadequate training
  • Fatigued driving
  • Failure to set parking brakes when making deliveries
  • Failure to obey traffic laws
  • Operating vehicles while intoxicated
  • Backing up trucks after missing delivery address
  • Failure to yield when merging back into traffic after deliveries

Injuries from delivery vehicles can also be more serious given the larger size and weight of trucks and vans, and can include sprains and fractures, broken bones, internal bleeding, burns, spinal cord and neck injuries, head and brain trauma, and sometimes death.

Establishing Liability

The main issue when an individual is involved in an accident with a delivery driver is establishing liability. Some companies treat delivery drivers as employees, which means the company who hired the at-fault driver is financially responsible if the driver caused the accident while on the job.

However, many delivery companies like FedEx outsource their deliveries to independent contractors and third-party companies. If you’re hit by a FedEx driver, for example, a lawyer is needed to examine the facts of the accident and the insurance policy of the company to understand where responsibility lies.

Suing the Company

Under respondeat superior, or the theory of liability that allows victims to sue a company for its driver’s negligence, you can reasonably file a lawsuit against the delivery company. However, in your claim you must prove that the accident was caused by the driver’s negligence while they were working.

Suing the Driver

Companies are generally not responsible for employees when they commit wrongful acts intentionally or outside employment. If the at-fault driver intentionally tried to harm you or was not working at the time of the accident, you may be filing a claim against the driver as an individual.

Suing Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are workers who are considered self-employed and work for employers under the terms of a contract. Companies that hire independent contractors are usually not responsible for the contractor’s negligence, though lawyers can sometimes look at contracts and make unique cases for employer responsibility.

Why You Need a Lawyer

A lawyer with demonstrated experience in handling commercial vehicle accidents knows which companies can be held liable for their drivers’ accidents and can recover the evidence needed to support your claim. Our lawyer can establish fault, gather evidence, build your case, and negotiate swiftly and confidently to achieve the compensation you need to heal from your injuries. If you’re serious about recovering damages including any medical bills, lost wages, property damage, or pain and suffering you have, call us sooner rather than later.

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