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After an accident that results in injuries for you or a loved one, you want justice. It’s unfair for you or someone you love to have to suffer as a result of another party’s negligence. At Rehn Law LLC, our team is dedicated to achieving our clients’ desired results after an accident, which includes dog attacks. Thousands of individuals are attacked by dogs each year and require medical treatment for their bites and other injuries. Dog owners have a responsibility to provide for the safety of those around them whether they’re in their backyard or out on a walk. You can trust our Monmouth dog bite attorney to pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve after a traumatic experience. As a results-oriented, client-focused law firm, our clients receive one-on-one, empathetic service and loyal advocacy throughout the claims process.

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Why Do Dogs Bite?

There are a variety of reasons why dogs bite, but in almost every case, the biting is a reaction to something. Some dogs bite humans and children when they feel threatened, startled, or protective of something like a toy or their puppies. Dogs who are ill or injured may also bite humans if they wish to be left alone.

Establishing Liability in a Dog Bite Case

After you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog, you may be wondering who is responsible for paying for damages after you’ve filed a personal injury claim. The reality in most cases is that though dog owners are responsible for keeping their dogs on leashes and preventing them from causing harm to others, their renters or homeowner’s insurance company will most likely be the one to compensate you.

Illinois dog bite laws place 100% of the blame on dog owners, which means there’s no possibility that an owner can place some of the blame on the victim or deny knowing that their dog was aggressive. Illinois laws also state that dogs on private property must be enclosed by a fence or another structure six feet in height to prevent children from getting into harm’s way. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), at least half of all reported dog bites happened to children.

To recover damages, an injured victim must be able to prove the following in their claim:

  • A dog attacked or injured them
  • They had a right to be where they were (public or private property) at the time of the attack
  • They did not provoke the dog

Illinois can also cover injuries caused indirectly by dogs, which can include falling from running away from the dog or being knocked down. If you were illegally on private property when you were attacked, the owner may not be held responsible for your injuries.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Though many people think of dog bite injuries as bruising or light teeth marks, the reality is that dog bites can inflict serious damage that required immediate medical treatment and sometimes hospitalization and surgery. Dog bite injuries can include cuts and abrasions, puncture wounds, infections, rabies, and nerve damage, and many victims have to undergo reconstructive surgery if they had their flesh torn.

Our personal injury attorney is committed to helping you recover damages you may have accrued due to your injuries, from medical bills like surgeries and prescription medications to lost wages and earning capacity. Compensation can also cover pain and suffering, also known as general damages. Many dog bite victims require therapy to cope with their trauma – our dog bite lawyer in Monmouth can hold negligent dog owners responsible, so you won’t have to worry about affording much-needed care.

You deserve to heal without worrying about expenses and other legal issues. Call our dog bite attorney in Monmouth to be a voice for you during a vulnerable time at (309) 228-2008.

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