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After an accident, you may be dealing with serious injuries that leave you feeling like you’ve reached your lowest point. Suffering from injuries is often an isolating experience and having mounting medical bills and property damage to pay for can be debilitating, especially when you’ve had to miss work to heal. Fortunately, you’re not alone in your pain – our personal injury lawyer in Monmouth has the resources and legal experience needed to help you recover with confidence. For more than 20 years, Rehn Law LLC has aided injured clients and helped them to secure the compensation they require. We’re committed to putting our clients’ needs first and achieving justice when they’ve been harmed by negligence. No one should have to endure pain because of another party’s actions. We’re pleased to offer our services, which include auto accidents and dog bite attacks, for clients throughout the state of Illinois.

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Decades of Experience in Personal Injury Cases

For the past two decades, our personal injury attorney in Monmouth has helped injured clients file their personal injury claims, collect evidence, and develop innovative solutions to achieve full and fair compensation. Our law firm has achieved numerous successes because of our tireless commitment to our clients. We understand that this is a vulnerable time, and that injured victims need a shoulder to lean on.

We’ve recovered damages for clients who have been injured in the following types of accidents:

There’s no need to go through the trouble of educating yourself on your case – we can handle the details and inform you on each step of the process so you fully understand your situation. Our Monmouth personal injury attorney is prepared to fight for your rights to compensation and won’t leave your side until we achieve your goals.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Injuries sustained in accidents can range from minor to what is known as catastrophic. A catastrophic injury is an injury that leaves victims with permanent damage, and often involve serious injuries like head and brain trauma as well as spinal cord and neck injuries.

There are generally three types of catastrophic injuries, including cognitive injuries, spinal cord injuries, and physical injuries. Physical injuries that are catastrophic include burns, organ damage, amputations, and serious fractures, while spinal cord injuries specifically impact the spinal cord, which can severely reduce mobility. Cognitive injuries come from brain damage, which can prevent individuals from working and even communicating with others.

Because catastrophic injuries are so serious, individuals are allowed to file catastrophic injury claims to recover damages including medical bills, lost earning capacity, and emotional damage. The more severe the injuries, the more costly it can be to treat them. Some catastrophic injuries require lifelong care, medications, and special equipment.

The Importance of Hiring a PI Attorney in Monmouth

There are many reasons why hiring an attorney is essential if you wish to achieve justice and be fairly compensated for your suffering after an accident. For one, a personal injury lawyer has filed countless claims on behalf of clients and understands the amount of evidence that is needed to successfully recover damages. Lawyers are also aware of their state’s statute of limitations, which is the deadline given to file a claim. Many individuals who don’t hire a lawyer may not be aware that they have a limited window to recover their damages until the deadline has already passed, making it impossible for them to secure the compensation they need to heal.

Our team has the resources and knowledge needed to investigate your accident and prove liability.

We can recover the following damages for you:

  • Medical bills, including ambulance rides, surgeries, hospital stays, prescription medications, and more
  • Lost wages from missing work, which also includes future earning capacity
  • Property damage, including car repairs and replacements
  • Pain and suffering

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